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Looking for a change in the way you look and feel? With Doctor Qasim, you get not only the luxurious image you always dreamed of, but also procedures done with the latest, most modern laser technologies. Because you deserve the best!

About Us

Sometimes, in order to change the way we feel on the inside, we have to change the way we look on the outside. Doctor Qasim is here to provide premium services, treatments, procedures and advice for any change you wish upon yourself. From breast augmentation to rhinoplasty or any procedure desired, only the latest laser technologies will be used.


We value the desires of our clients so we provide the best services and the best new technologies in our procedures. No matter what type of operation you opt for, be sure that you will receive a real, luxurious, pampering experience.

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We believe in art We believe in perfection

We only provide premium procedures, done with the latest laser technologies. No matter what change you decide to do on yourself, be assured that you will benefit from a luxurious experience, where you are treated like a star.


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Qasim Aesthetic

We consider that our clients should always be treated and spoiled as they deserve. This is why we provide a very luxurious range of procedures that won’t only enhance the way you look, but also how you feel and the quality of your life. Discover Qasim Aesthetic, Discover a new you. Dare to become the best version of yourself! Take a chance on your dreams and enjoy the physique and lifestyle you know you truly deserve.

No matter the procedure you’re wishing for, whether it’s breast augmentation, abdominoplasty or rhinoplasty, you’ll benefit from the best professionals and conditions, just like you deserve.

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Doctor Qasim – the already famous beauty doctor, has put over the years all his passion and talent in the work of making women not only beautiful but also happy with the way they look and feel. An expert in his field, he has done over hundreds of procedures and operations on patients who have become his fans and his friends. Choose Doctor Qasim. Choose quality. Choose beauty.

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Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Treatments

When it comes to beauty, all you have to do is #wishit and with Doctor Qasim, it comes true.From customized care to premium services, we are the ultimate beauty expert. Choose us, choose a new you!


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Beyond Nip / Tuck

November 14th, 2016|0 Comments

Interview for men’s passion magazine

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Laser liposuction: A new cosmetic procedure to remove body fats

October 28th, 2016|0 Comments

Laser lipo is a new cosmetic procedure to remove body fat. The laser liposuction technique uses lasers to break up fat before its removal from the body reducing the need for harsh suction.

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صباح الشارقة: طرق الوقاية من سرطان الثدي / د.قاسم أبوبك -Sharjah TV Interview

October 25th, 2016|0 Comments

Breast Cancer – methods of prevention with Dr. Qasim Abu Bakr

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„I’m feeling happy and fulfilled”
A. M.
„The place where my wishes came true”
Ana D


No matter the beauty procedure you choose, you will benefit from premium care, the best modern technologies and a place that you will leave smiling and improved.