Cheekbone Injections
Many women give great importance to every aspect that defines their beauty. As time passes by, wrinkles and loss of muscle tone affect the facial appearance, generating personal dissatisfaction. One of the most common elements of classical beauty are well-defined cheekbones.



Unfortunately, cheekbones are affected by gravity and lose the firmness of facial muscles, which makes, in time, lose its natural contour and young appearance.

Fortunately, medical developments are providing fast and effective solutions to correct all the imperfections caused by aging. To correct saggy cheeks, doctors created the cheekbones injection procedure with hyaluronic acid or collagen, a medical method known to contour the face.

What is the procedure of cheekbones injection?

It’s the method in which certain medical substances are injected to increase or change the cheekbones’ shape.

Who is suited for cheekbones injection?

This procedure is designed for people who have low volumes of cheekbones or have an unsightly form.


How is the procedure of cheekbone injection made?


The doctor administers a local anesthesia or an injection with an anesthetic substance, or uses an anesthetic cream. After that, they insert a substance (hyaluronic acid / collagen) by direct injection, at different points, depending on the design and measurements. After the injection is made, the doctor applies a local massage.


How is the recovery after the treatment of cheekbones injection?

After the procedure, a small inflammation reactions may occur, which may persist for a period of several days, depending on the patient. In isolated cases, local bruises can appear.

Who isn’t suited for cheekbone injections?

• people with oral or dental infections;

• persons who carried out the injections with other unknown substances.

What are the risks involved in the cheekbones injection?

Local inflammation reactions may occur if the patient traumatizes the area with increased friction or puncture, such as cosmetic procedures. Also, if the patient excessively massages the cheeks in the first days, an exceed substance that has been injected in that place can move and produce small aesthetic changes.
* Note – in the first day of the injection, the patients are advised not to consume substances or energy drinks or stimulants – coffee, alcohol or black tea. Patients are advised to consume plenty of water, between 2 and 3.5 liters, to improve the results.


Conclusion The cheekbone area is one that provides firmness and support the whole physiognomy. Contoured cheekbones are a mark of youth and tonicity. Cheekbone augmentation therapy is not a difficult treatment, and the effects are visible immediately after the procedure. Along with lifting and facial reshaping, cheekbones injection also removes the dark circles around the eyes and of the wrinkles in corners of the mouth. This provides a youthful look, up to 5-10 years. The final appearance is natural and harmonious, and the general appearance is improved.