Facial Rejuvenation Treatment


The appearance of flawless skin is one of the desires shared by many of us. Subject to weather, structural and aesthetic changes, food habits and hydration, influenced by the amount and type of makeup applied, over time facial skin loses its qualities and begin to show signs of aging.


The skin’s lack of vitality is one of the grievances that many of us face every day and this is why, most often, we try to identify the most effective ways to regain a youthful appearance, a tonic and fresh skin face.



One of the most effective and innovative ways of regaining a healthy and fresh appearance of the skin is the treatment procedure for facial rejuvenation.

Offering exceptional results without causing aggression on the skin and stimulating cell regeneration, the facial regeneration treatment that we propose in our clinic for plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments is the safest and most efficient way of obtaining the desired results.


What is the procedure for facial rejuvenation treatment?

This treatment is performed in order to restore the facial area’s healthy and rested appearance and facial expression.


Who is it for?

  • those wanting a pleasant facial appearance
  • daily makeup users
  • Persons who work in polluted environments.

It is also recommended for women past 35 years, to maintain a beautiful and healthy facial appearance.


What is a facial rejuvenation treatment?

Depending on the need of each patient, we apply a treatment session every 30 days or less, a ritual that includes injection, special masks and laser therapy to ensure complete regeneration of facial tissue.


What does the recovery after treatment for facial rejuvenation consist of

The patient can resume normal physical activity immediately after the treatment. A mild inflammation and / or local bruises can occur in the first or second day.


Who shouldn’t do this treatment?

This treatment is not recommended for people with skin excess that requires facelift or local infection or disease.


What risks are associated with the regenerating facial treatment

There is no significant risk, local inflammation reactions may occur if the patient traumatizes the area through increased friction or punctures, such as in the case of cosmetic procedures. Also, if the patient massages excessively the skin on the first and second day, the substance can overcome the injected place, and produce small aesthetic changes.



With excellent effects in obtaining a good appearance, free of imperfections, the regenerating facial treatment is a growing popular treatment which is highly non evasive and practically pain free.