Laser hair removal


Personal image is one of the main concerns in modern society. Good looks, smooth and groomed skin has great significance in the overall picture of each of us and that is why body hair removal is a concern that is found in many of us.


Having a lasting effect, complementing the hair removal action to stimulate the regeneration of skin and pigment smoothing, laser hair removal is one method of beauty that can respond positively to all requirements made by the modern man.



What is the procedure of laser hair removal?

It is the procedure that was intended for removing or thinning of hair in certain parts of the body.

For who is the permanent hair removal laser procedure?

It is indicated for people suffering from follicular excess in certain areas of the body or skin diseases due to the hairs that grow in the skin.


How is permanent hair removal achieved?

Permanent hair removal procedure is performed on a monthly basis and involves massaging with specific laser the area being treated.


What does the recovery period following the procedure of permanent hair removal involve?

It is possible that after the treatment moderate local irritations and pain may appear. These effects are short-lived, for several days. The remaining period of these effects depend on the patient. The reactions mentioned are evidence that treatment had the desired effect.


Who shouldn’t opt for hair removal laser procedure?

This aesthetic treatment is contraindicated for people suffering from local skin disorders.


What are the risks of the laser hair removal procedure?

There is no significant risk. Local inflammation reactions may occur if the patient traumatizes the respective area through friction or puncturing, like in some cosmetic procedures.



Proving its effectiveness and demonstrating that it doesn’t harm the health of those who use this procedures for more than 20 years of experimental use and over 25 years of mass using, laser hair removal is one method found increasingly often in the preference if those who want a smooth and velvety skin.