Lip Enhancement

Lip augmentation offer patients an increased volume and a more defined lip contour, while eliminating fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

Those persons who want fuller lips, beautifully contoured, with no trace of aging, appreciate this minimally invasive procedure. Chosen by an increasingly number of people, lip enhancement procedure, also known as lip augmentation, gives a youthful face those who choose to opt for the aesthetic treatment.




What is the procedure to enlarge lips?

Lip augmentation is the method by which certain medical substances are injected to increase or change the shape of your lips.


Who is lip augmentation procedure effective for?

This procedure is indicated for persons who have lower lip volume, or a form of unsightly lips.


How is lip augmentation done?

A local anesthesia is done, with injection of anesthetics, or by applying an anesthetic cream, the substance (hyaluronic acid / collagen) is inserted by direct injection, at different points, depending on the design and measurements done, and then a local massage is applied.


What is the recovering period from lip augmentation procedure?

After the procedure, reactions may occur, such as inflammation, which can take several days, depending on each patient. In isolated cases, small local bruises may appear.


Who shouldn’t do the procedure?

– people with oral or dental infections;

– persons who carried out other injections with unknown substances.


What are the risks for the augmentation procedure?

When medical indications are respected, there is no significant risk. Local inflammation reactions may occur if the patient traumatizes the area through increased friction or punctures, such as cosmetic procedures. Also, if the patient massages excessively the area on the first and second day after, the substance can overcome the injected area, creating small aesthetics changes.

Note – on the day of the injection patients are advised not to consume substances or energy drinks or stimulants – coffee, alcohol, and black tea. Patients are advised to consume plenty of water, between 2 and 3.5l, to enjoy the results as much as possible.



Offering harmonious fullness and shaped lips, the lip augmentation procedure is designed to improve the aesthetic treatment of facial appearance for people opting to turn to this type of procedure. Removing fine wrinkles formed around the mouth is another major benefit of this procedure.

The effects provided by the lip augmentation procedure are not permanent and in order to keep the result you have to repeat the procedure, once the body absorbs the injected substances.


The desired results following this procedure are conditional upon the correct placement of the injected material and it is therefore appropriate that when you decide to call this treatment, to seek a specialist.


As with any other beauty procedures, for the procedure of lip augmentation it is important to consult a specialist who over time has proven professional skills, concern for the welfare of his patients and has been using materials of the best quality.