Breast reduction

Women’s preoccupation with the shape, size, and aspect of the breasts is a sign of normality and self-esteem.

Breasts with big volume, that are heavy, represent an aesthetic and aspect problem, as well as a health problem.

The anesthetics aspect of oversized breasts refers to saggy breast skin, excess fat deposits and a disproportioned image of the body.

As for the health, the effects that a person with a big volume and weight of the breasts has referred to cervical and torso pains, deformities of the back, as well as skin affections: rashes, dermatitis, that can appear due to excess humidity in the region.

To all these disadvantages, add the difficulty of finding clothes that fit properly and difficulties in making certain moves.

The elimination of all these inconveniences is possible through a reduction mammoplasty, as the breast reduction procedure is also called.

What is a breast reduction?

It is the intervention through which the mammary excess volume is restored.

How is the procedure done?

With laser help, a small incision around the aureole is made, one vertical one and one short horizontal one, through which the excess mammary gland or fiber tissue is eliminated. The shape is then recreated to fit the new volume of the breasts.

What does the recovery after a breast reduction imply?

The next day the patient is discharged with a bandage around the operated area, which should be

removed 21 days after surgery and she must wear a compressive medical bustier for 60-90 days.

The usual daily activity can be resumed the next day after surgery.

The patient is advised for 21 days after surgery:

  • Not to make efforts
  • avoid sexual contact of any kind
  • avoid driving cars

Flight plane can be performed on the day after the surgery, depending on each body. Sleeping on the back is indicated for a period between 60 and 90 days. The routine check-ups will be scheduled at 3 and 6 months.

Depending on each patient and its availability to move, she can be exposed to laser treatment therapy once a week, until the bandages are removed, to accelerate the healing process.

Who shouldn’t opt for a breast reduction?

This intervention is contraindicated in patients recently operated or in the therapy of breast cancer, or in the presence of local infection of the mammary gland or skin.

What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?

Given that the intervention is performed by laser, risks of bleeding, infection and accentuated pains are almost eliminated, leaving only a local light feeling of disturbances until healed, the only possible response remaining the formation of seroma (reaction body to secrete a lymphatic fluid in the operated area), a reaction that once arisen, can be solved spontaneously or can be remedied by a minor suction intervention.

Note * – due to the fact that the intervention is being performed using laser technology and methods that eliminate the risk of injuries, this provides a greater smoothness and accuracy of the surgical act, the recovery is faster, the pain is eliminated almost entirely and the risks significantly reduced in comparison with the classic intervention.


Formed in the sphere of plastic surgery for over 60 years, breast reduction surgery is the best way to restore health and physical harmony for people who are developing exaggerated mammary glands.

As with very small breasts, oversized breasts can cause psychological discomfort. For large breasts, the state of dissatisfaction may be caused by minor issues such as difficulty in choosing clothes, unpleasant appearance of “sagging” or major issues such as neck pain, skin diseases, changes in the spine.

Designed to restore balance physically and emotionally, plastic surgery interventions address all those of you who want your image improved, and general wellness, giving you the prerequisites for a balanced personal development.

In obtaining this physical and emotional balance, the involvement of the esthetician is very important. The manner in which he will explain the entire process of carrying out the intervention, the techniques and technology used and the attention given to every aspect of the recovery period are also crucial goals.

Always there for his patients, giving them confidence every time they need it, helping them in the recovery process, both through technology and techniques applied and discussions, Dr. Qasim Abu Bakr is the guarantee of achieving a balanced state of mind.

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