Chin Implant

A well-defined chin gives balance to the facial features and is an important aspect in a person’s profile picture.

Facial features can be adversely affected by a weakly defined beard, with unbalanced proportions in comparison to the other facial features.



Most often recommended by estheticians performing a rhinoplasty intervention on a patient, chin implant surgery, known as chin augmentation, can provide exceptional results in reshaping the facial profile and restoring harmonious traits.


chin implantWhat is chin implant surgery?

It is a procedure that augments the chin with a special silicone implant.

Who is it recommended for?

For persons who experience a reduced size of the chin area.

How is the chin implant procedure done?

It is performed using a laser incision behind the lower lip, creating the space for it and introducing the actual implant. The incision is closed with special threads that melt as the area heals.

The intervention is performed under general anesthesia (general anesthesia is the best choice for the patient’s safety and comfort in the realization of the operation).

Hospital stay is one night only.

What is the recovery time from chin augmentation surgery?

In the first days after the surgery the patient is advised to eat foods easily chewable, avoid dairy products and use mouthwash as indicated.


Who shouldn’t do a chin implant?chin implant

This operation is not recommended for patients who have active oral infections and / or a more serious teeth problem.

What are the risks of chin implant surgery?

Given that the intervention is performed by laser, the risks of bleeding, infection and accentuated pains are almost eliminated, leaving only a local slightly uncomfortable feeling until healed.

Note * – due to the fact that the intervention is being performed using laser technology and methods that eliminate the risk of injuries, this provides a greater smoothness and accuracy of the surgical act, the recovery is fast, the pain is eliminated almost entirely and the risks significantly reduced in comparison with the classic intervention.




An undersized chin can affect how you are perceived, and other facial features. For example, as it often happens, the nose can appear more prominent than it actually is when your chin is small.

Also, the small size of the chin may reinforce the impression of “loose skin” in the neck, which translates to a more older, less tonic look for the entire face.

The chin augmentation procedure significantly improves the overall appearance of the face, considerably reducing the impression of looking old and the unferm look of the neck and face.