Having a great significance in boosting ones self-esteem, personal image is one of the main concerns of the modern man. The new social trends, the access to information and the willingness to face all the challenges arising in the course of life, over time, increasingly more men have started giving a greater emphasis to their physical appearance and demonstrate an active concern in its optimization.

One of the problems they may face aesthetically is the volume increase of the mammary gland. This can create major imbalances both emotionally and aesthetically; therefore, the removal of excess breast tissue in the area has increased the importance of maintaining a good general state of mind and wellness.

We tried greeting the need of men affected by excessive growth of mammary glands with the safest and most effective solution: gynecomastia.

All those interested in learning more about this surgery are asked to read the following lines.

What is gynecomastia?

It is the surgery that seeks to restore the natural shape of the men’s breast area.

Who is it for?

It is indicated in male persons suffering from changes in the mammary gland, shape or volume, caused by congenital hormonal or weight problems.

How is the intervention done?

Depending on the degree of damage, it can be done by lipolysis laser that melts the excess tissue and aspirate through micro-incisions or by an incision in the nipple region to effectively remove the fibro- glandular tissue. The intervention is performed under general anesthesia (general anesthesia is the best choice for the patient’s safety and comfort in the realization of the operation).

Hospital stay is one night only.

What does the recovery imply after the intervention?

The next day the patient is discharged with a bandage around the operated area that will be remove 21 days after surgery and a compressive medical bustier will be applied for 60-90 days.

The usual daily activity can be resumed the next day after surgery.

The patient is advised not to exert himself.

Flight plane can be performed the day after surgery, depending on each body. Sleeping on the back is indicated for a period between 60 and 90 days.

The routine check-up is made at 3 and 6 months. Depending on each patient and its willingness to travel, an exposure to laser treatment therapy can be done once a week, until removing the bandages, to accelerate the healing process.

Who is it contraindicated for?

This intervention is contraindicated for patients suffering from infections or other local pathological conditions.

What are the risks of gynecomastia?

Given that the intervention is performed by laser, the risks of bleeding, infection and accentuated pains are almost eliminated, leaving only a local light feeling of disturbances until healed, the only possible response remaining the formation of seroma (reaction body secrete a lymphatic fluid in the operated area), a reaction that once arisen can be remedied spontaneously or can be remedied by a minor suction intervention.

Note * – due to the fact that the intervention is being performed using laser technology and methods that eliminate the risk of injuries, this provides a greater smoothness and accuracy of the surgical act, the recovery is faster, the pain is eliminated almost entirely and the risks significantly reduced in comparison with the classic intervention.


Emotional balance is very important in social and professional success. This is achieved thanks to a combination of factors, including, with a greater importance, the satisfaction regarding their own physical appearance.

The existence of physical defects can have various causes: congenital ones, lifestyle related, accidents, illnesses; this may adversely affect the emotional balance and self-confidence of each of us.

Fixing these flaws is the manner in which most regain self-confidence, making them open to new opportunities and allowing them to reach, more easily, the success in establishing interpersonal relationships, both in terms of social and professional life.

The surest way to achieve the desired results is to seek plastic surgery performed by experienced professionals, using the latest technology, modern techniques and who over time have shown increased attention to achieving successful outcomes for their patients.

If you are among those who want to enjoy the benefits of plastic surgery, if you want a balanced and well-defined body, sculpted masterfully by a professional call with confidence for one of the most acclaimed specialists Romania – Dr. Qasim Abu Bakr.

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