Achieving physical perfection and removing defects of any kind are some of the concerns of women of all ages. Whether they have resorted to various cosmetics tricks or abandoned the consumption of foods that endangered their silhouette, no noticeable results were obtained.


Women will be always willing to do anything in their power to look perfect. But which is the method that will allow them to achieve one of their biggest goals?


Having the ability to achieve physical perfection in a fast and efficient way, plastic surgery is the perfect choice for both women and men. The emergence of the esthetic surgery was definitely a fantastic breakthrough in the field of beauty.





Using laser technology to achieve breast implant, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, laser liposuction, facial augmentation, buttock implants interventions and more, Dr. Qasim has the possibility to create physical perfection.


Professionalism, experience and dedication of Dr. Qasim to achieve the most efficient and successful plastic surgery interventions and aesthetic treatments are complemented by laser technology that  succeeds to provide incredible results due its fabulous precision.


Used for carrying out breast implant, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, facial augmentation, buttock implants and laser liposuction interventions, the latest generation of laser technology eliminates the risk of postoperative complications. It also allows you getting perfect results without leaving unwanted or unpleasant scars.




With a portfolio of several aesthetic surgeries completed and an international reputation, Dr. Qasim  performs the most appreciated physical retouches for his patients, giving them the joy of owning perfect, sensual, fabulous shaped bodies.


No matter how looks your desired beauty, in our clinic, you can find the surgery that fits your preferences and brings amazing results. you have plenty of options to choose from and each one of them offers you different benefits. Breast implants, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, facial augmentation, buttock implants, laser liposuction and other types of plastic surgery are included the range of medical services we provide.




We’re inviting you at Qasim Aesthetic Clinic to reshape your body according to your own beautiful standards!


Chosen by an impressive number of national and international celebrities to perform aesthetic surgery, Dr. Qasim is the guarantee for successful results, meant to turn you into a true work of art.


Laser technology is the tool used to achieve perfection. He will make your dream come true, encouraging you to regain your self-confidence by creating harmonious and balanced physical contours.


We are aware of the fact that your beauty is important for your emotional state of mind. Your body contouring is one of the most crucial aspects and wanting to have control over it is completely normal. Qasim Aesthetic offers you this opportunity through plastic surgery procedures. A flat belly is a goal easily achieved using the intervention of abdominoplasty. Your body’s curves, which offer sensuality, can be redefined using laser liposuction surgery. Your breasts can have the shape and size that you desire by choosing a custom breast implant. Just tell us which is your beauty wish and we’ll make your dream come true!