Dark Circle Treatment

Being a problem that affects us, no matter how old we are or how much attention we give to our body, dark circles around the eyes destabilize the facial harmony. The lack of hydration, fatigue, aging, are all signs that put a print on our face and personality, expressing the wrong idea, even if our internal feeling says otherwise.
Being part of an innovative aesthetic treatments, dark circles removal process is a quick and effective way, by which you get a luminous and toned face. This procedure can be defined as: an aesthetic treatment made for people suffering from dark circles, who don’t have lower eyelid problems, that require surgery.


How is the procedure for dark circles treatment performed?

The patient is advised to resume to his normal sleep cycle and to hydrate properly during the treatment and after. The treatment consists in two or three sessions of injections, two weeks apart, with special agents in the area affected by dark circles and external stimulation laser.dark circles 1



How is the recovery period after this procedure?

The patient can resume to his normal physical activities immediately after the treatment. It is possible that in the first or second day after treatment, to show some local bruises and / or mild inflammation.


Who isn’t fit for this procedure against dark circles?


This treatment is not recommended for people with skin excess on the lower eyelid, requiring surgery, or to those who have problems or local infection.


What are the risks involved in the procedure of treating dark circles?


When the medical indications are taken in consideration, there aren’t any significant risks. Local inflammation reactions may occur if the patient traumatizes the area with increased friction or puncture, such as cosmetic procedures. Also, if the patient excessively massages the eyes in the first days, an exceed substance that has been injected in that place can move and produce small aesthetic changes.
* Note – in the first day of the injection, the patients are advised not to consume substances or energy drinks or stimulants – coffee, alcohol or black tea. Patients are advised to consume plenty of water, between 2 and 3.5 liters, to improve the results.


The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and it’s the first one to show signs of fatigue and aging. Caused by an unbalanced lifestyle due to poor microcirculation, due to genetic inheritance, but also due to aging, dark circles affect negatively our appearance.

Removing the dark circles is a good way to look younger, to have a toned face.