Stretch Mark Treatment

Using laser in plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments is becoming more common because it has proven to be the tool that achieves the best results.

Due to external factors and the transformations through which our body goes throughout life, the skin’s quality is weakened and the appearance of defects such as stretch marks is almost impossible to avoid. Offering the ultimate solution for reducing stretch marks, laser treatment is the safest and most effective method for regaining a good appearance and a healthy skin.


What is the procedure for the treatment of stretch marks?

Is the procedure that seeks to eliminate or mitigate stretch marks appeared on various body parts? In most cases, the percentage of reduction is 70%.

Who is it for?

This procedure is indicated for people aged over 20 years, who, due to aging, pregnancy or weight fluctuations, present stretch marks.


What is the procedure to eliminate stretch marks?

The stretch marks treatment is performed monthly and carried out by a specific laser massage to the affected area.


What is the recovery period after the treatment?

It is possible that after the treatment sessions for moderate local irritations and pain to appear. These effects are short-lived, for several days, depending on each patient. The reactions mentioned are evidence that the treatment had the desired effect.


Who shouldn’t opt for this procedure?

It is not recommended for people suffering from local skin disorders.


What are the risks of the procedure?

When the medical indications are respected, there is no significant risk. Local inflammation reactions may occur if the patient traumatizes the area through friction or other cosmetic procedures.



Visible linear scars, stretch marks, although not involving serious medical issues, affect the wellbeing of people due to the negative influence on the skin’s appearance. As one of the most effective methods of skin rejuvenation, laser treatment is the choice of those who want to regain good looks and a more healthy skin tonic.