Breast lifting Surgery

The shape, size and position of breasts are the constant concerns of many women. Subject to changes that occur throughout life: gravity, aging, changes related to pregnancy and lactation, changes after weight loss; breasts tend to lose firmness and volume, affecting not only the physical aspect but also the confidence of women in their beauty and femininity.



Most often, breast lift surgery is done in combination with breast augmentation with implants, so that both breasts regain their ideal position, for a younger appearance. Due to major benefits both physically and emotionally, breast lift surgery is one of the plastic surgery procedure requested by a large number of patients worldwide.
What is breast lift surgery?

It is a surgery performed to restore the position of the breast and breast shape.


Who is a potential patient for a breast lift surgery?

This intervention is indicated for women with modifications of breasts form. This can be associated with losing volume or other irregularities during time.


How is the breast lift surgery done?

Depending on the degree of drop of the breast (ptosis), the surgery is performed by the optimal method: an incision around the nipple or an incision associated with one vertical or horizontal short incision, under the breast. The incisions aren’t performed by the classical method, known as “anchor”. This new method offers a higher degree of comfort and aesthetic outcome after the surgery. The intervention is performed under general anesthesia (general anesthesia is the best choice for patient safety and comfort in the realization of the operation). Hospitalization is recommended for one night only.


What does recovery from breast lift surgery involve?

The day after the surgery, the patient is discharged with a bandage around the operated area. The bandage should be removed after a period of 21 days after surgery and will be applied a compressive medical bustier, that should be worn for a period of 60-90 days. The patient can resume normal daily activities the next day after surgery. The patient is advised that for 21 days after surgery:• avoid hard working activities;• avoid sexual contact of any kind;• avoid driving cars. You can fly the following day after the surgery, depending on each body. Sleeping on the back is advised for a period between 60 to 90 days.The routine check-ups are made 3 to 6 months. Depending on each patient and his willingness to travel, it is recommended to take a laser treatment therapy once a week, until the doctor removes the bandage (21 days), to accelerate the healing process.


Who is not fitted for a breast lift surgery?

This intervention is contraindicated for patients recently operated or in the therapy of breast cancer and the presence of local infection of the skin or mammary gland.


What are the risks of breast lift?

Given that intervention is performed by laser, the risks of bleeding, infection or pain are almost eliminated, leaving only a local disturbance, until the healing is done. The only possible reaction is the formation of seroma (reaction that the body makes through a lymphatic fluid in the operated area). This can be remedied through a small suction intervention.

Note * – interventions performed using laser technology and high-tech methods eliminate the risk of injuries and provides greater smoothness and accuracy. The surgical recovery is faster, the pain is eliminated almost entirely and the risks are significantly reduced in comparison with the classical intervention.



Breast lifting surgery is one of the best plastic surgery procedures that provides exceptional emotional and physical satisfaction, which can change considerably the perception about oneself.