Laser Liposuction

Personal image is a determining factor in achieving and maintaining confidence in oneself. Therefore, when it comes to methods of body reshaping that can remove fat deposits from areas that do not respond to exercise and balanced diets, as is the case of thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen, we can say that they are good way to increase confidence in yourself and in your own beauty.



Unsightly fat deposits come to create a strong state of imbalance and dissatisfaction regarding one’s own physical appearance.


Offering the possibility of eliminating shortcomings caused by deposits of fat, laser liposuction is one of the plastic surgery procedures evolving greatly in patients’ trust, which can be seen in the requests becoming more numerous for this type of surgery.


What is laser liposuction?

It is a surgery procedure aimed to eliminate removal using laser energy.


Who is it for?

This method is suitable to all people who suffer from fat deposits in different parts of the body, in various forms, wanting as well as to eliminate cellulite deposits.


How is the laser liposuction surgery done?

Two punctures are made for each zone through which the fiber laser is inserted, with specific power, which carries the melting of the fat evenly, stimulates the production of collagen and also performs the toning of the existing collagen for the skin in the area treated.


This method is superior to conventional methods or other methods, given the beneficial action of the laser over the adjacent tissues, reducing side effects, such as pain or inflammation and increasing safety from an aesthetic and medical perspective.


Another benefit of laser liposuction is the toning of the skin’s surface, which significantly reduces the effect of “loose skin” that can occur in the case of a conventional intervention. To this undeniable advantage, add getting a fine and smooth result, without unsightly bumps.


Hospital stay is one night only.


How long does the recovery from laser liposuction take and what does it involve?

After surgery small bandages are applied on each puncture area, and a compressive corset for the particular area, to be held at least 30 days. Starting the day after surgery, the patient can resume normal activity and is advised to resume any physical activity and sport, except swimming.



Who isn’t suitable for this surgery?

This procedure is not recommended for persons who present a high degree of obesity, which require further surgery, people with skin diseases in the area operated, or people with serious blood clotting problems.


What are the risks of the laser liposuction procedure?

Given that the procedure is performed by laser, the risks of bleeding, infection and accentuated pains are almost eliminated, leaving only a local uncomfortable feeling until healed.


Note * – due to the fact that the procedure is being performed using laser technology and methods that eliminate the risk of injuries, this provides greater smoothness and accuracy of the surgical act, the recovery is faster, the pain is eliminated almost entirely and the risks significantly reduced in comparison with the classic intervention.



Performed with the utmost professionalism and care for the wellbeing of the patient, with the highest level of technology, laser liposuction surgery is one of the developments that actively contribute to increasing self-esteem and confidence in oneself. It can be compared with body “sculpture”, laser liposuction surgery is the safest, fastest and most effective way to eliminate unsightly fat that is deposited on areas genetically determined not to respond to diets and exercise.