Being one of the most common imbalances in the physiognomy, ear shape and size is one of the aesthetic concerns of many people, since childhood. The most frequent complaints are expressed by formulations telling total dissatisfaction. For example: “I have asymmetrical ears”, “I am lop-eared”, “My ears are too big”. These expressions hide not only a dissatisfaction with the ears, but also a lack of trust and emotional imbalances, actually generated by these small defects.
The correction of all these emotional and aesthetic discontents, is made through surgery, performed on the external ear – otoplasty surgery. Because ot the the amount of people dissatisfied with the appearance, size and position of their ears, otoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedure. If you are one of those people requesting this intervention, you will find bellow the details about the recovery period and the risks that are involved.
What is the otoplasty surgery?

It’s the surgery that corrects the position or shape of the ear pavilion.
Who is the ideal candidate for the external ear surgery?

This intervention is indicated for people or children exceeding 6-7 years old, having a deformation of the auricular pavilion or having a distance between the ears and skull.

How is otoplasty made?

A laser incision is made, hidden behind the ear pavilion to perform a recovery and reshape of the ear. The intervention is performed under general anesthesia (general anesthesia is the best choice for patient’s safety and comfort in the realization of the operation). Hospitalization is made for one night only.
How long does it takes and how is the recovery after a surgery otoplasty done?

After the intervention, the patient wears a bandage over the ears. The bandages are removed 10 days after the surgery, and another bandage must be maintained for 90 days, to ensure permanent pressure in curing the ear in its new position.

Who isn’t suited for the otoplasty? This intervention is contraindicated to persons having:• local skin infection;• peripheral neuropathic disorders;• Rheumatoid arthritis;• Children under 6 years (for the lack of adequate cooperation).

What are the risks after the otoplasty procedure?



Since the intervention is carried out using laser, local infection and discomfort are significantly reduced.

Note * – the intervention being performed using laser technology eliminates the risk of injuries and provides greater smoothness and accuracy. The recovery process is faster, the pain is eliminated almost entirely and risks are significantly reduced in comparison with the classical intervention.


Aiming to restore the symmetry between the ears and reduce the distance between the ears and head, otoplasty is one of plastic surgery operations that offers the physiognomy harmony and the patient’s emotional balance. It has a great importance in developing a harmonious personality, obtaining balance in the child’s physiognomy, even at an early age. Because of the ear irregularities, the child will tend to isolate itself both socially and professionally, which can lead to personal failure in all aspects of life.

man otoplasty

man otoplasty



Therefore, because the procedure can be performed on patients from the age of 6, it is indicated for a harmonious development and social integration, that the intervention is performed as soon as possible. Giving you the harmony of physical and emotional balance you need, this aesthetic procedure is one of the best choices for those of you who find themselves in the position of being dissatisfied with the appearance, shape or ear size.
In our clinic for plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments, Qasim Aesthetic, the otoplasty surgery is performed with the latest technology, providing exceptional results. If you want your child to enjoy a balanced and harmonious physiognomy, or if you want to permanently remove grievances regarding the appearance of your ears, Dr. Qasim Abu Bakr is available.  He gives his skills and experience in obtaining the best services, with the best results. If you’ve decided to seek cosmetic surgery to remove physical discontents and achieve emotional balance, or if you have additional questions regarding this procedure, please email us: office@doctorqasim.com