Elimination of varicose veins


Varicose veins are caused by genetic inheritance, pregnancy or diseases of the venous system. Beyond the unsightly aspect, varicose veins give discomfort, pain or heaviness in the affected limb.


Varicose disease is more common in women than in men. For women, this condition occurs, especially during maternity, after the age of 30 years and in rare cases even earlier than that age. Men are most commonly affected by varicose disease after the age of 40 years.


What is varicose veins elimination?

It is the surgery that removes and / or occludes varicose veins that are affected.


How is the surgery done?

Depending on the case it is established the combination of suitable methods that can be used: elimination of the aesthetic vessels through an aesthetic micro incision adjusted with the laser or by means of vascular laser in incipient cases.

The intervention is performed under general anesthesia (general anesthesia is the best choice for the patient’s safety and comfort in the realization of the operation).

Hospital stay is one night.


What does the recovery involve?

The patient resumes normal activity the next day, wearing only a pressure dressing for the legs. In advanced stages, the bandages are eliminated after 3 weeks after intervention. The patient is advised to walk as much as possible and follow the appropriate medications.


Who shouldn’t do the procedure?

This intervention is not recommended for individuals presenting serious vascular disorders and places affected by localized skin infections of the lower limbs.


What are the risks of the operation to eliminate varicose veins?

Given that the procedure is performed by laser, the risks of bleeding, infection and accentuated pains are almost eliminated, leaving only a local feeling of discomfort until healed. As with any vascular procedures, there is risk of blood clots or vascular thrombi, therefore it is recommended to wear elastic stockings during the recovery period that can vary between three weeks and three months. The patient should follow anticoagulant therapy and a maintain constant physical activity (avoid being sedentary).


According to expert studies conducted at a national level, a significant percentage of the population suffers from varicose veins. The operation to eliminate varicose veins is the fastest and most effective way to remove unsightly aspects and physical discomfort caused by varicose veins.