I decided to write to you not for a contest but simply to say that I feel like a different person since I stepped into Kasem Aesthetic clinic a year and 2 months ago. I had a rhinoplasty and breast implant surgery at that time. I was dressing myself three days after surgery, and I can say that there was zero discomfort regarding the nose surgery; I didn’t feel any pain. Going to regular check-ups, with everyone on the Kasem Aesthetic team being very welcoming, made me feel at home. From there, the desire to change something more continued due to the trust given by Dr. Kasem. I opted for lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, followed by sculpting the abdomen through laser liposuction and the disappearance of spider veins on my legs. I highly recommend Kasem Aesthetic Clinic to everyone because Dr. Kasem will make your dreams come true. Just wish!