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We’ve created this page for you, our valued patients, who wish to proudly share in our work’s results and your trust. It’s also for you, our future patients, who want to see real results achieved through aesthetic beauty treatments and plastic surgeries such as breast implants, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, butt implants, and lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, among others. Our range of services and outcomes is extensive.

We want you to be as proud of yourselves as we are delighted and proud that you’re happy and fulfilled thanks to the results we’ve achieved.

Qasim Aesthetic extends its gratitude to all those who leave us a testimonial here about their experiences and the results obtained, etc.

I wanted to have breast augmentation, and the only doctor I trusted was Dr. Kasem. It didn’t take long to explain what I wanted because his professionalism delivered the expected results. Dr. Kasem is serious, humorous, talkative, and understanding. He has contributed greatly to restoring my self-confidence and forgetting about my insecurities. Respect and appreciation, with love!

Sotir Florentina Carmen

I had butt implants and liposuction performed by Dr. Kasem, and he truly is the best, and his attention is addictive. Now I want to change my breast implants. He’s like a sculptor in silicone.

Laura Husca

After numerous consultations with several doctors, I finally arrived at Dr. Kasem’s clinic in March 2016. He is an exceptional doctor and person who inspired confidence in me, and I decided to have surgery with him, finally! Considering that he uses the latest laser technology, I can honestly say that following breast implant and rhinoplasty surgeries, I felt absolutely no discomfort! I didn’t experience any pain or other issues! He’s the only doctor I’ll turn to in the future, and I highly recommend him!!

Stroe Ioana Alexandra

Good evening, I turned to Dr. Kasem with full confidence for two procedures: breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, both of which were very successful, and I am extremely satisfied! I’m also considering getting butt implants in the fall, so for me, he’s number one, and I wholeheartedly recommend him!

robu oana maria

Thanks to Dr. Kasem, I have the breasts I’ve always wanted and a much prettier nose. I feel wonderful, and I will certainly return to him with pleasure and confidence. Thank you! – Nita Mihaela

Nita Mihaela

I turned to Dr. Kasem two years ago for breast augmentation, and I can say that I am incredibly satisfied with the results. Every time I have the opportunity, I recommend him with the utmost confidence! He’s an extraordinary and trustworthy doctor. Thank you to him and his team!

Matasa Nicoleta Andreea

It’s been a year since my breast augmentation surgery, and I’m extremely pleased with the results. I haven’t had any discomfort so far, and it has also improved my external appearance and self-confidence. It was a very well-executed surgical procedure without the typical risks associated with this type of operation (I didn’t experience any pain after surgery, even though I expected HORRIFIC PAIN – that’s what my friends who were operated on by other “famous doctors” on TV felt). If you love perfection and want to feel good in your own skin, I advise you to choose DOCTOR KASEM. Indeed, DOCTOR KASEM IS THE MOST TALENTED “ARCHITECT OF BEAUTY”!

Valentina Elena Radulescu

I was the most beautiful bride with the most beautiful cheeks. Thank you, Dr. Kasem

Carabasu catalina iulia

I highly recommend Dr. Kasem with utmost confidence. It’s been almost a month and a half since my breast implant surgery with personalized implants, of course :)… and I feel great. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin! Just wish !

Bratu Andreea

Hello, my name is Felicia, and I had lip augmentation with Dr. Kasem, which I am very pleased with. He is a very good doctor, and I thank him and his entire team

Hilohi Felicia

It’s been six months since my breast implant surgery, and I’m very, very satisfied. I recovered very quickly. Dr. Kasem uses laser recovery techniques that other doctors don’t have, and the results are optimal. So, my friends have also chosen Dr. Kasem! I chose lifetime breast implants with very low chances of deterioration, of the highest quality! Beauty is very important to me, so I would never choose another clinic, and I would always recommend Dr. Kasem because he changed my appearance and made me feel like a woman! Many thanks!

Florea Elena

I decided to write to you not for a contest but simply to say that I feel like a different person since I stepped into Kasem Aesthetic clinic a year and 2 months ago. I had a rhinoplasty and breast implant surgery at that time. I was dressing myself three days after surgery, and I can say that there was zero discomfort regarding the nose surgery; I didn’t feel any pain. Going to regular check-ups, with everyone on the Kasem Aesthetic team being very welcoming, made me feel at home. From there, the desire to change something more continued due to the trust given by Dr. Kasem. I opted for lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, followed by sculpting the abdomen through laser liposuction and the disappearance of spider veins on my legs. I highly recommend Kasem Aesthetic Clinic to everyone because Dr. Kasem will make your dreams come true. Just wish!

Dumitru Ana-Maria

Hello, my name is Carmen. I had lip augmentation with Dr. two years ago before getting pregnant. Now that my baby Calin is here, I need to regain all my pleasures! With love, Carmen – Simon Carmen”
“It’s been nearly three years since my breast implant surgery, and I feel fantastic! I’m proud of my doctor, Dr. Kasem, and his clinic. I didn’t have any pain at all after surgery, and I proudly recommend both the clinic and the doctor because my breast implants were a true success.

Simon Carmen

It’s been almost 9 months since my breast implant surgery, and I feel excellent! I had almost no pain after the surgery, and the recovery was very easy. At six months, I needed a small touch-up on one of the breasts (areola reduction, which was not the doctor’s fault but rather the elasticity of my skin), which turned out to be a success. Now I’m very happy with the final result! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Kasem! I will turn to you with confidence every time, and I recommend that you do the same because you will undoubtedly receive the best treatment and the most beautiful results! Thank you again, Dr. Kasem!

toma ramona andreea

With heartfelt gratitude, I thank God that there are people like you, Dr. Kasem, today. I thank you for everything you’ve done for me and hundreds of other women! Now I can say that I’m the happiest woman in the world thanks to you. It’s been 5 months since my breast implant surgery, and I feel wonderful. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kasem as the best choice! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and much respect! The best – Doctor Kasem!

Popa Elena Roxana
Implant mamar, marire sani, augmentare mamara - Kasem.jpg

Much more confident and happy after the 4 months since the breast implants operation, I can only thank Mr. Dr. Kasem and express my words of praise to you, thanks to these operations and to the doctor, I feel excellent and I recommend to all unsatisfied women of their appearance to call this clinic with confidence!!! The best :* Doctor Kasem! Just wish!

Malaescu Iuliana Mariana

Every month I do the laser treatment, and every month I gain more confidence in myself, and that’s thanks to this wonderful man. No matter what problem you have related to beauty, turn to Dr Kasem with confidence! The Best! ??????

Dumitrache Victorita

I am satisfied with the doctor’s hands. I did lower blepharoplasty and nose modeling (tip). I’ll leave it to you to judge.

Caravan Anemari

It’s been almost 3 years since the operation and I’m super ok; I am proud of my doctor kasem and his clinic; I thank him for everything, I want to mention that I had no pain at all, I recommend both the clinic and the doctor because my breast implant was a real success

Ferial el amin

With all gratitude, I thank God from the heart that there are people like you today, Dr. Kasem, and I thank you for everything you have done for me and for hundreds of women! Now I can say that I am the happiest woman in the world thanks to you. I am already 5 months after the breast implant surgery and I feel wonderful with all confidence I recommend Dr. Kasem what a best choice! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and much respect! the best? Doctor Kasem ??

Dinca nicoleta

It’s been more than 7 months since the breast implant surgery. I got used to the implants so quickly that I feel like I’ve had them since I was born. I heard girls (operated by other doctors) who complained of pain even after a month from the operation, I can proudly say that 2 days after the operation I resumed my daily activities that did not involve a great physical effort. My advice is to think carefully and explain to the doctor how you want your breasts to look after the operation, because he makes them exactly as the patient wants. Mr. Kasem is an extraordinary doctor, attentive to the wishes of his patients.

Oprea Simona

After several months, I am grateful and delighted with my doctor’s skills. I had two surgeries: breast augmentation and abdominal liposuction. I want to say that I am very satisfied with the exceptional results. I now have wonderful breasts, thanks to Dr. Kasem, who has changed my life. I’m very happy with the results!

Kovacs Alexandra
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