Botox Injections


Expression wrinkles is one of the aesthetic problems faced by many of us. Occurring sooner or later, wrinkles have a negative influence on the overall facial appearance, causing dissatisfaction in terms of how we look.


Removing the expression wrinkles is one continual concern of women and men who, over time, have tried a variety of methods, more or less effective, that can restore the youthful appearance.



Due to new studies and new technologies, young and fresh appearance of the face can be regained effectively and securely via medical injection of Botulinum Toxin (Botox), in areas affected by wrinkles.


What is the treatment with Botox injections?

It’s the procedure in which botulinum toxin is introduced in different muscle groups, to relax the desired area and to prevent the formation of wrinkles or different skin irregularities.

Who is suited for Botox injection?

This treatment is indicated for people who want to remove the expression wrinkles.

How is this procedure performed?

Low doses of Botox are injected in the point-in area. The procedure is repeated once or twice a year, when needed.


How is the recovery process after injecting Botox?

After each procedure, you may experience a small local inflammation, that retreats quickly and doesn’t require medical attention.


Who isn’t suitable for Botox injections?

This procedure is contraindicated to people having local skin infections or other diseases.


What are the risks involved, when having Botox injection?

When the medical indications are taken in consideration, the risks are significantly reduced. Local inflammation reactions may occur if the patient traumatizes the area through friction or puncture, such as cosmetic procedures. Also, if the patient excessively massages the area in the first days, the exceed substance injected in that place can move and produce small aesthetic changes.


* Note – in the day of the procedure, the patients are advised not to consume substances or energy drinks or stimulants- coffee, alcohol, black tea. Patients are advised to drink plenty of water, between 2 and 3.5 liters, to enjoy the best results.




With immediate effect and optimal results, botulinum toxin injection is the best method to eliminate expression wrinkles that may adversely affect the appearance and condition of your emotional balance.


Periodic treatment of expression wrinkles can prevent the installation of profound wrinkles, that give people an old and dry facial look.