Skin imperfection removal


Unsightly skin blemishes, moles, freckles, sunspots occurring on the body, are an aesthetic challenge that many people have to face.

Localized frequently on the face, neck, upper area of the back, arms, and hands, these small imperfections of the skin affects men and women alike, no matter the skin tone.


An important role in the appearance of pigmentation spots is aging and excessive sun exposure. Although 90% of people are facing this problem, only two in ten people consult a specialist to get a professional advice and an approved treatment, which may improve the appearance of the skin.


However, removing skin imperfections through laser procedure got to know an increasing demand, among people of all ages.


The removal of skin imperfections is an aesthetic treatment performed in our clinic- Qasim Aesthetic meant to eliminate skin imperfections such as freckles, moles, pigmentation spots, warts, sun spots, birthmarks, etc.


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What is the aesthetic treatment of removing skin imperfections?


These laser therapies suited for every skin disorder, help the patient remove his unwanted blemishes.After every procedure, local reactions may appear, such as redness or irritation that persists, according to each treatment. The patient can wash the area, and resume to his normal physical activities. The healing time depends on the skin damage.


What are the risks of treatment to eliminate aesthetic skin imperfections?


When the medical indications are taken into consideration, the risks are significantly reduced. Local inflammation reactions may occur if the patient traumatizes the area, through increased friction or puncture, such as cosmetic procedures.




In our clinic for aesthetic treatments and plastic surgery, removal of moles, pigmentation spots, freckles and other skin imperfections is made with laser precision, as this innovative technology provides perfect results and eliminates the risk of complications and unpleasant effects. Also, the results from laser therapy last longer. If you are among the people who were affected by skin imperfections and you want to remove this problem effectively and safely, do not hesitate to contact us by phone : 0730 052 545 or 0721 188 186 or by e – mail: Dr. Qasim can give you the best advises and find a proper solution for every skin type.The desired skin is just a call away!