Scar Treatment Procedure


The presence of scars after a trauma, surgery or as a consequence of skin problems such as acne, are one of well known problems that people have to deal with. These unsightly marks, more or less visible in the skin, have a negative influence on the physical appearance.



Scar removal treatment gives a pleasant, smooth appearance of the skin, which is one of the biggest benefits of this aesthetic procedure.


What is the scar treatment procedure?


It’s the procedure that seeks to remove or improve the aspect of marked skin.


How is the scar treatment performed?



Depending on the scar type, size, age and its location, it is decided whether to perform a surgery procedure to remove the marks by laser therapy. An alternative solution is to have several therapy sessions, with special injections, that improve the appearance of the skin.
How is the recovery after the scar treatment?



In case of surgery, the recovery is done according to complexity of this procedure; in case of laser procedure, the patient can resume to his normal activities as soon as possible.

Treated areas may experience local irritation reactions that persist for 1-3 days.


Who isn’t suited for scar treatment?



It is not recommended for people suffering from skin disorders.


What are the risks involved in this aesthetic treatment?



When the medical indications are taken in consideration, the risks are significantly reduced. Local inflammation reactions may occur if the patient traumatizes the area through friction or puncture, such as cosmetic procedures. Also, if the patient excessively massages the area in the first days, the exceed substance injected in that place can move and produce small aesthetic changes.



Traumatized tissue healing is a complex process that takes place in four main stages. The steps of the healing of traumatized tissue are:

– haemostasis,

– inflammation,

– proliferation or granulation,

– remodeling.

After a trauma on stressed tissue, it may appear scars, which, most often, adversely affect physical appearance and emotional harmony of the person.